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Battle for Graxia, or BFG for short, is a reboot announced for Rise of Immortals.[1] A site for its Beta invite list has been launched at

Battle For Graxia - Reveal FAQ[2][3]Edit

  • Q: Why are you changing the game's name?

A: As mentioned above, we have changed the name to reflect significant changes we are making to the game. We felt that keeping the old name would have been a disservice to the game and possibly confusing to existing and even new players.

Because the game is still at its core, Rise of Immortals, we kept that part of the name and will be emphasizing the Battle For Graxia portion in future announcements. When you step into the new game, we hope you will be impressed by the improvements we've made, yet not feel alienated with the characters you've come to know the past year.

  • Q: When will we be able to play Battle For Graxia?

A: The timeline may change as we update you, though we hope to begin closed beta testing as early as the end of this month. Open beta and launch dates will come soon after, determined by the closed beta and your initial feedback.

In the open beta phase we will complete the full transition to the new game. Details on how this transition will take place will be announced before then.

  • Q: What will happen to our existing accounts when Battle For Graxia goes live?

A: Any Immortals and skins you have purchased in ROI (either for Petro Coins or Prestige Points) will transfer to BFG, and you'll receive a Prestige Points credit for any potions, artifacts and other items currently active on your ROI account.

  • Q: What are you changing in the new game?

A: Future updates through August and September will reveal more, but for now we will also reveal more of the new art direction for future Immortals and the user interface, as well as many item and map enhancements that have been made.

  • Q: Are you releasing any new Immortals with the relaunch?

A: Yes, we're putting the final touches on a brand new Immortal!

  • Q: When should we expect the next major announcement?

A: We hope to launch closed beta by the end of August. We will endeavor to release another major announcement before then, including showing you some of the new key art that has been produced for the existing characters.

  • Q: Will BFG feature a "Social Hub"?

A: No. In our early testing of BFG, with the addition of tactical picking and custom games, we felt that the social hub was confusing and counter-intuitive. In the future we may revisit this, as there are still some cool things that could be done in a social-type instance, but having this as part of the flow for every game no longer makes sense. We think players will appreciate the new front-end layout - there's a ton of new functionality in there, all presented in a seamless way. More on the new front end soon. As I've stated previously, our focus has been on getting players into fair games as efficiently as possible, and then making the 5v5 experience the best it can be.

  • Q: What maps will feature in BFG at launch?

A: At launch, we'll have a new "practice" map (1vE) and a totally reworked 5v5 map. Internally, we have a couple of other game modes running on the practice map, but these may not be available at launch since we're focusing mostly on the 5v5 map. That said, the new practice map is designed to support 3v3 games, as well as an all-mid style 5v5 game, so that might give an idea of what's coming, they may just be a little after our launch.


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