Psychozen Concept Illustration

Psychozen is described as a support/single target disabler. While neither of those things is wrong, he can be so much more. Psychozen is a tool that, in the right hands, will destroy the mind of the opponent. Psychozen can save allies and kill enemies with every single one of his skills. He is the ultimate team player and an Immortal that can help any team. In this guide, I'll go over how you can destroy the enemies' minds. This isn't a guide for people who want to play passively, and Psychozen should not be your first choice if you are new to the game. However, once you have some experience and are willing to test the limits of your abilities, this is Immortal for you.

Pyschozen, Master of MindsEdit

Before I go into the strategy, let's have a quick overview of Pyschozen. He deals physical damage with his attacks and his abilities. His listed as having "Medium" offensive and defensive capabilities. Here are his starting statistics:

Psychozen Starting Stats

Not exactly impressive. His health is about average for a melee hero and the gain per level is also about average. His mana is not very good. It's worse than most other casters. However, his mana gain per level is better than almost every other immortal, so this is some good news. His movement speed is tied for being the slowest in the game.

His weapon damage is about average, but his gain per level is the 3rd lowest of all Immortals (Pycon and Karapyss gain less). So he will be doing less damage than almost anyone else once you hit level 20. So, probably not best to focus on weapon damage. It also means his attack speed, while decent, is not going to be doing him any favors. This pretty much rules Psychozen out as a carry, but that's fine. That's not his role. He isn't going to carry the team, but he is still going to mess with the other team.

His starting armor is about average, and his armor gain is towards the lower end of the spectrum. The same goes for his magic resistance, but there are a few Immortals that don't gain any magic resistance per persistent level, so he will have higher magic resistance then some. Not many, but some. Pretty much, Psychozen is going to have a hard time being a tank. It can be done if you buy the right items and Artifacts and pick the right skills. However, maybe that isn't the role that he is best designed for.

Nothing about his statistics jump out and say "Emphasize me! I'm good! Make me better!", so let's take a look at his skills. The upgrades for each skill are shown in italics.

Infectious Cerebrum (Q)Edit

Skill Stats: Debuffs the target enemy for 3 seconds. During the duration, the enemy is slowed for 30% (40%) and takes 22/40/78/108/135 damage. The mana cost is 60/80/100/120/140 (48/64/80/96/112). The cooldown is 19/16.5/14/11.5/9 seconds. It has 180 cast range.

Comments: This is a general slow, but it does pack a little punch. The total damage output starts at 66, which is low, but goes to 405, which is pretty good, and a little undervalued, perhaps. And it comes at a relatively cheap mana cost, especially after you put points into in the Champion Tree. At 19 seconds, this spell at level 1 takes a lot longer to cooldown than Psychozen's other skills. The time might drop by 2.5 per level, so it ends up the same as the next skill, but it's something to keep in mind.

Limbic Disorder (W)Edit

Skill Stats: Debuffs the target enemy for 6 seconds. While the debuff is on, the enemy has -2/-3/-4/-5/-6 armor. A second debuff silences the target for 3 (4) seconds. The enemy also takes 75/130/185/240/295 (90/156/222/288/356) damage. The mana cost is 65/80/100/120/140. The cooldown is 14/12/11/10/9 seconds. It has 180 cast range.

Comments: This is a powerful skill. Armor reduction, silence, and damage all rolled into one nice single target package. This skill is one of the main ways that you break an opponent's will. The silence is the longest silence in the game when upgraded (tied with Tatiana's ultimate). The mana cost is relatively low, and the cooldown is low as well. Once you hit level 5 with this, you're doing just under 40 DPS and keeping an enemy silenced for 4/9 seconds. That's with no cooldown reduction, and we will get to that later. The one drawback (if you can call it that) is that this skill has only 180 range. So you need to be up close and personal to make it work. However, if it were a longer range, this skill would just be broken.

Hypothalamic Transmute (E)Edit

Skill Stats: Heals the lowest health ally and damaging the lowest health enemy, preferring Immortals in both cases. Allies are healed and enemies are damaged for 60/100/140/200/280 (72/120/168/240/336). Psychozen is healed for 50% (100%) of the damage dealt. The mana cost is 60/80/100/120/140. The cooldown is 10/9/8/7/6 seconds. It affects allies and enemies with 175 range.

Comments: This is where things get very, very interesting. This skill is incredibly powerful. At level 5 with both Champion Tree upgrades, you can give your team 672 health every 6 seconds. That's more than 100 health per second. And that is with no cooldown reduction. None. Not to mention doing 56 DPS to the opposing team. Just like with Psychozen's W and Q, the range on this is short. Very short. You have to be aware of that 175 radius at pretty much all times. Once you get used to that, this skill becomes your bread and butter. The other thing that is incredibly important is the fact that you are healed for the amount of damage done, and that it targets the enemy with the lowest health. That means if your damage is cut in half by an enemy's armor, you won't get healed for the 336 that you thought you were. If you're in the middle of a group of creeps and you're looking for a quick self heal, make sure the lowest health creep has enough health left to survive getting hit, or enough to make it worth it. It can be very frustrating to only get 25 health from a creep when you needed that full amount.

Neocortex Diversion (R)Edit

Skill Stats: Psychozen cloaks himself, becoming invisible for 6 seconds. Every 1.5 seconds he spawns a clone. 2/4/5 maximum clones spawn. The clones have 300/400/500 health and do 30/40/50 damage. They last for a maximum of 5/6.5/8 seconds. The mana cost is 170/200/230. The cooldown is 90/85/80 seconds.

Comments: Another versatile skill for Psychozen. You can take towers out by yourself in almost no time once it is leveled. However, unless you enter the tower's range, leave a clone inside the range, leave the range, and then go back, the tower will pound on you. That something you need to be aware of. You can escape from seemingly impossible situations while barely taking a scratch. But be very, very aware that attacks that are not targeted will reveal you. Ukkonen's Twisted Bolts or a bounce from his ultimate and Nauria's ultimate are a couple of skills that I've noticed will do this. So, if you're playing against a hero that can reveal you, keep this in mind while trying to save yourself. At level 3, clones will be spawning the entire time you are invisible, so someone can follow the clones during the entire duration. Because the duration is 6 seconds at all levels, this makes for a much better escape at level 1 than it does at level 3. One of the absolute best uses for this, though, is to set up...

Telepathic Blight (D)Edit

Skill Stats: Psychozen unleashes his massive psychic abilities around him, dealing 125 damage to all enemies every half second for 2.5 seconds. Along with the damage, the enemies are silenced and slowed by 40%. All allies in the area of effect are instantly healed for 300. It costs 200 mana and has a cooldown of 300 seconds. It affects a circle of radius 250 around the cast point.

Comments: This...this, my friends, is why we play MOBAs. This skill is just glorious. This skill makes Psychozen elite, in my opinion. Before I hit persistent level 21, I didn't know what it was like to play Psychozen. This skill blew my mind. In a game where team fights are decided very quickly. The team that gets their AoE attacks off first is the one that wins. If you go invisible, slip into the middle of the enemy team, and cast this? Well, now your team has 2.5 seconds not only to cast their own attacks, but to be safe from the enemy attacks! What happens if the enemy gets their attacks off first, you ask? Well, here you have a 300 health heal for your entire team, and then you slow the enemies down so they can't run away! This skill can combine with one other AoE immortal (Vezin and Taitana both work great) and you can take out an entire team, just the two of you.

Skill OrderEdit

Now that I have talked about the skills, it's time to pick their order. I think it's probably clear that Hypothalamic Transmute is the most important skill, especially early on. During the laning phase, you can keep yourself and your ally around longer with it. Choosing between Limbic Disorder and Infectious Cerebrum is a bit more of a challenge. You need at least one level of both, that is for sure. But which one do you max first? Well, the fact that Limbic Disorder has a lower cooldown from the get go is very appealing to me. They both end up at 9 seconds, but Limbic Disorder is much lower for the first few levels. It also does more damage for the first two levels, just under for the third and fourth levels, and then finally at the last level is does much less. So, early on, Limbic Disorder wins out. It's sad, because by the time you get to level 5 of Infectious Cerebrum, the damage doesn't really matter. But, it is still something, so it's still worth leveling up. The fact that the armor goes up steadily with Limbic Disorder is nice, too. It helps ensure that you are getting the maximum health benefit from Hypothalamic Transmute. So, in order of importance:

Telepathic Blight (D) > Hypothalamic Transmute (E) > Limbic Disorder (W) > Neocortex Diversion (R) > Infectious Cerebrum (Q)

That's right - the ultimate is not the second most important skill. In almost all matches, I will wait until level 12 to get my first level of Neocortex Diversion. I start with Hypothalamic Transmute and take it at level 3. Then I will get one level each of Limbic Disorder and Infectious Cerebrum at level 2 and 4 (sometimes I'll take the snare first, sometimes the silence - I'll address this later). Then I'll max Hypothalamic Transmute (levels 5, 7, and 9) and take Limbic Disorder on the other levels (levels 6, 8, 10, 11). Then I get two levels of Neocortex Diversion (levels 12 and 13) so I can use it to start really pushing (the first level is almost useless for taking down towers, and is best saved for escapes). Then a level of Infectious Cerebrum (level 14), then save that point at 15 to get both Neocortex Diversion and Telepathic Blight at level 16. At this point, the pushing power of Diversion outweighs the benefits of one level of Infectious Cerebrum. Finally, levels 17, 18, and 19 are all for Infectious Cerebrum.

Persistent Skill Point BuildEdit

Offensive TreeEdit

Psychozen Offensive Tree

Reasoning: It would be great to get the ability damage boost and the armor penetration %. Sadly, there just aren't enough other parts to make it worth it. Weapon damage is basically useless, and attack speed isn't going to help you much. I've wanted to try out a game where I use the offensive tree, so when I do, I'll add some more opinion on that.

Defensive TreeEdit

Psychozen Defensive Tree

Reasoning: The regeneration boost is nice, and the health boost is good, too. It would be great to add the mana boost, and you could if you didn't want to get the dodge or move speed bonuses. Personally, that 3% added movespeed is a big deal when I play. Psychozen is slow, so getting any kind of boost is really nice. Especially because of the direction I want to go in with the artifacts and items. The armor and magic resistance boosts are obvious, I think, because any added survivability is nice. I don't go for the increase to outgoing healing because it doesn't help Psychozen heal himself, and support is not the only role that I'm going for. That heal is already great; there are other areas that could use some help, instead.

Champion TreeEdit

Psychozen Champion Tree

Reasoning: 28 points is a lot to invest in one tree, but it is so worth it. Psychozen's Q, W, and E get huge boosts from these skill points. Psychozen becomes a completely different Immortal when you go from 50% self heal to 100% self heal with his E ability. The better snare and extended silence are the really important parts of those two skills, so you have to get the decreased mana (for Q) and increased damage (for W) to get them. But, those are not bad things, so it's really worth it. His individual stat bonus, the .5 armor penetration for every 200 mana, is really helpful. Psychozen is not a true DPS character, so his items can't be about just adding armor penetration. But, he does need mana, and he has good mana gain. From his starting mana and mana gain alone, Psychozen gets 2.5 armor penetration from this. That's nothing great, but every little bit counts. I made my love for his signature ability clear before, so no real surprise that I get it here, right? The reason that I ignore his ultimate upgrades is because they just aren't worth it. It is a good increase for damage and health, but where do you get those 4 points from? Do you sacrifice movement speed or armor? One argument I would hear is that you could sacrifice the 4 points for 2 armor penetration, but, again, every little bit of armor penetration helps. And it helps more than clones that do more damage or last longer.

Artifact BuildEdit

Psychozen Artifacts

  • 4x Ancestral Totem of the Hawk, 1x Ancestral Totem of the Leopard +3 armor penetration, +1.5% cooldown reduction
  • 5x Gilded Blessed Talisman +1.5 mana regeneration
  • 3x Grand Seal of Clarity +6% cooldown reduction
  • 2x Primal Air Symbol +4.5% attack speed, +4.5% cooldown reduction
  • Relic of Ta'amuun +5% spirit vamp, +3% cooldown reduction, +30 mana

Reasoning: Cooldown reduction and mana. That's it. Psychozen's skills all have short cooldowns. Let's make them shorter, and let's make sure we can use them as often as possible. That 1.5 extra mana regeneration to start the game is really useful. And the 15% total cooldown reduction from the artifacts is super helpful. It really frees up our item choices, too. Speaking of items...

Item BuildEdit

Starting ItemEdit

Bear Skin Boots
  • 600 gold +10 movement speed, +2 health regeneration
  • 865 gold +15 movement speed, +4 health regeneration, +200 health
  • 900 gold +20 movement speed, +6 health regeneration, +300 health

Reasoning: This is how I start my games. I really prefer to start with boots because it gives you that extra speed that can be very helpful in the beginning. I like Bear Skin Boots because of the added staying power. As long as I'm not dying, I'm not leaving the field of battle unless I need to buy more items. That's mainly because of this and...

Core ItemsEdit

Arcanist's Orb
Arcanist's Orb
  • 400 gold +2 mana regeneration
  • 960 gold +4 mana regeneration, +10% spirit vamp
  • 1390 gold +8 mana regeneration, +20% spirit vamp, +150 mana

Torpid's Wand
Torpid's Wand
  • 335 gold +5% cooldown reduction
  • 855 gold +10% cooldown reduction, +2 armor penetration
  • 1015 gold +15% cooldown reduction, +4 armor penetration
  • 1080 gold +20% cooldown reduction, +6 armor penetration

Amulet of Duality
Amulet of Duality
  • 590 gold +100 health, +75 mana, +2 armor, +2 magic resistance
  • 1200 gold +250 health, +150 mana, +5 armor, +5 magic resistance, +5% cooldown reduction

Reasoning: These three items, combined with the artifacts, are what make Psychozen. With the artifacts, the first level of Torpid's Wand gives you 20% cooldown reduction. Awesome. And when you get Arcanist's Orb upgraded, you'll be rocking right around 7 mana regeneration. Combine that with the fact that Psychozen's skills don't cost huge amounts of mana, and it means you'll be casting all day long. That second upgrade is still really important, though, because once you get to level 12 or so, you will want to have a good level of mana at all times. With artifacts, you'll have 25% spirit vamp as well, and even though your autoattack doesn't do a lot of damage, it does enough that attacking a creep wave for 5 seconds can regenerate a lot of mana. Amulet of Duality has good defense, but not great, so you will need defensive items. However, the upgrade gets you the almighty maxed cooldown reduction with 40%, and Psychozen becomes his true self - healing, silencing, and snaring all day long!

Secondary ItemsEdit

The two secondary items will be defense items, and they will be completely match based. You will have to use your best judgment, but I'll try and give you some tips to help you out.

Destroyer's Mantle
Destroyer's Mantle
  • 400 gold +2 health regeneration
  • 770 gold +4 health regeneration, +2 armor penetration, +2 magic penetration
  • 1150 gold +6 health regeneration, +4 armor penetration, +4 magic penetration
  • 1230 gold +8 health regeneration, +6 armor penetration, +6 magic penetration, Increase maximum health by 15%

Destroyer's Mantle adds health regeneration, armor penetration, and health. It's a really solid item all around for Psychozen. That last upgrade is expensive to get to, but well worth it. You can get this in most situations.

Orchid Stone
Orchid Stone
  • 440 gold +100 health, +75 mana
  • 775 gold +200 health, +150 mana, -10 second death timer
  • 1080 gold +400 health, +300 mana, -15 second death timer

The Orchid Stone is another really good item. +400 health is great, and it comes at a relatively low cost. The +300 mana will add some armor penetration, and the death timer reduction will get you back out there.

  • 300 gold +4 magic resistance
  • 400 gold +6 magic resistance
  • 620 gold +8 magic resistance, +10 magic resistance for 5 seconds upon taking damage

Mageward is a good, cheap option for increasing your mana resistance. Most of the time, it's preferable to get some added health rather than added magic resistance. However, this barely costs more than buying and upgrading the Orchid Stone, so it can be a good mid game item if you are fighting heroes that destroy your magic resistance (Tatiana, Karapyss, Lazarus). You can always sell it for Orchid Stone or Destroyer's Mantle once you have the money.

Ring of Shielding
Ring of Shielding
  • 400 gold +3 armor, +3 magic resistance
  • 1040 gold +6 armor, +6 magic resistance, +5% defense against critical strikes
  • 1320 gold +8 armor, +8 magic resistance, +10% defense against critical strikes

If the opposing team is filled with critical strikers (Nyssus, Balak, Kaos), this can be a very good option. The fact that it adds +8 to both armor and magic resistance makes it a pretty good deal. Pairing this with Destroyer's Mantle is a good way to make you stay alive for a long time.

Belt of Power
Belt of Power
  • 300 gold +3 armor
  • 870 gold +4 armor, +3 armor penetration, +75 health
  • 950 gold +5 armor, +6 armor penetration, +150 health
  • 1270 gold +6 armor, +9 armor penetration, +300 health

This item can serve Psychozen really well. +9 armor penetration, combined with Torpid's Wand, will get you over 20 armor penetration, so that is a big bonus. The added health and armor are not awesome, but they are enough that it will make a difference. This item is good if you are taking some damage, but you are not the main target of the enemy team. Which, to be honest, isn't usually the case. When I am playing well, I am the one the enemy team targets.

Sapphire Amulet
Sapphire Amulet
  • 500 gold +150 mana
  • 760 gold +225 mana, +3 magic resistance
  • 1025 gold +400 mana, +5 magic resistance, +10% spirit vamp
  • 1090 gold +600 mana, +7 magic resistance, +20% spirit vamp

This is the magic resistance option to Belt of Power. 600 mana gives you 1.5 armor penetration, which is nothing fancy, and not nearly 9, but it helps. The 20% spirit vamp gives you 45% total, and that means you won't be running out of mana if you have time to add a few auto attacks in between your casting. And the magic resistance is, well, magic resistance. This isn't a preferred item for me. It seems like a nice idea, but there are better ways to use the item slots.

Bloodstone Pendant
Bloodstone Pendant
  • 600 gold +3 health regeneration
  • 1120 gold +5 health regeneration, +2 armor
  • 1200 gold +7 health regeneration, +4 armor, +200 health
  • 1260 gold +10 health regeneration, +6 armor, +450 health

This is an alternative to Destroyer's Mantle. If you are the main target of the enemy team, this will be your best friend. +10 health regeneration, along with the Bear Skin Boots and points from the Champion and Defensive trees, will give you more than 20 health regeneration. That's pretty solid, and it's big enough that it'll actually make a difference during fights.

Penman Reflector
Penman Reflector
  • 600 gold +2 armor, +2 health regeneration
  • 800 gold +4 armor, +2 health regeneration, incoming physical weapon damage has a 25% chance to be reduced by 15
  • 915 gold +6 armor, +4 health regeneration, +100 health, incoming physical weapon damage has a 35% chance to be reduced by 25
  • 1240 gold +8 armor, +5 health regeneration, +250 health, incoming physical weapon damage has a 45% chance to be reduced by 35

This is good for enemies who deal physical weapon damage and have just been pounding on you. It pairs really, really well with Ring of Shielding to make you pretty invincible against Immortals like Kaos, Nyssus, Balak, Kyrie, Talia, and Tzai. However, getting those two items does sacrifice a bit of DPS, so I would only go that route if you really need to stay alive. And also keep in mind that this only blocks weapon damage, and only physical damage. So this will help very little against Ukkonen or any caster.

Berek's Scroll
Berek's Scroll
  • 200 gold +3 magic resistance
  • 420 gold +6 magic resistance, +50 health
  • 980 gold +9 magic resistance, +100 health, -10% life steal and spirit vamp aura for enemies
  • 1080 gold +12 magic resistance, +150 health, -15% life steal and spirit vamp aura for enemies

There should be one of these on every team. Psychozen can be the guy to carry it, although it might be better suited for a tank. That being said, it's still good, and it's cheap enough for levels one and two that you can carry it around like that to give yourself a small boost for a while.

My Item OrderEdit

  1. Bear Skin Boots 600 gold
  2. Arcanist's Orb and Upgrade 1 and Upgrade 2 400 + 960 gold + 1390 gold
  3. Bear Skin Boots Upgrade 1 865 gold
  4. Torpid's Wand 335 gold
  5. Amulet of Duality and Upgrade 1 590 gold + 1200 gold
  6. Bear Skin Boots Upgrade 2 900 gold
  7. Orchid Stone and Upgrade 1 440 gold + 775 gold
  8. Destroyer's Mantle and All Upgrades 400 gold + 770 gold + 1150 gold +1230 gold
  9. Orchid Stone Upgrade 2 1080 gold
  10. Torpid's Wand Upgrades 1, 2, and 3 855 gold + 1015 gold + 1080 gold

That is a total of 16,035 gold, and it will not be achieved in most normal matches. A 40 minute game with 10 hero kills, 15 assists, and about 125 creep kills will do it. So, not common. But, really, once you get to #6 on that list, that's your core. Everything beyond that is just helping you survive (and finishing Torpid's helps with damage). Psychozen is not a farmer (although I'll have some tips on farming with him), so it will take a long game to get this high. But, you won't always be getting the expensive Destroyer's Mantle (3550 gold by itself), so it cuts down some. As much as that 40% cooldown is nice, I usually save Torpid's Wand until the end, because having short cooldowns is only good if you are alive. However, if I have the chance to upgrade it sooner, I almost definitely will. It gives a great boost to armor penetration, so it helps guarantee you're doing consistent damage all game long.

Level 50 StatsEdit

I posted Psychozen's stats at level one, so I just wanted to give his stats at level 50, to give you a comparison of where this build puts him.

Psychozen Ending Stats
This goes along with 466 health and 240 mana. Things don't look quite so bad, to tell you the truth. His armor and magic resistance are not great, but you can work with them. His speed is a lot better than before, and he ends up with 141 speed after you've fully upgraded the boots, which is enough to keep up with most Immortals. Where he really shines is the health and mana regeneration. You starting with 3 and 2.5 respectively is really good, and it lets you control the early parts of the game. If Psychozen can out level his opponents, they are doomed. His skills do enough damage that he can destroy some of the carries if he is level 10 and they are level 8 or so. And the sooner you get to 16, the better, so winning the early game becomes really important. Speaking of which, let's go over the strategies for Psychozen

Psychozen StrategiesEdit

Early GameEdit

It's best for Psychozen to lane with an ally. As nice as extra experience is, he isn't enough to kill enemy Immortals by himself until he has upgraded both his E and W a bit. So, if you are laning with an ally, there are a couple things to keep in mind. I would like to preface this section with the fact that I am a mathematics major - numbers are extremely important to me. So I try to make the best of everything I can.

  • Which enemy has more health, which has more armor - if the lower health one has more armor, and it's more than 5, Hypothalamic Transmute won't be doing as much damage as you'd like.
  • Does your ally do physical or magical damage - if your ally does physical damage, always try to land Limbic Disorder before s/he starts attacking, so you get the best out of your hits.
  • Does your ally have a stun/slow - Psychozen's 40% snare is awesome, it really is. However, it's usually not enough to stop enemies enough by itself to net the kill. If you have an ally who has another stun or snare, though, a kill is almost guaranteed (Pycon and Ukkonen [that are good with their skill shots] are exceptional allies for the first few levels).
  • Conserve your mana - this item/artifact build focuses on getting great (10+) mana regeneration, but in the early game you can still run into issues. If you have some spare time, whack on some creeps to get some mana back. You might only do 60 damage, and you might only have 5% spirit vamp, and you might only attack two times in 3 seconds, but that is still effectively 3 mana regeneration per second, and that is pretty damn good.
  • However, if you mana is good - LAST HIT! This is so important. Psychozen can be a really strong hero, but he needs that core build before he truly reaches his true potential. If you aren't laning with someone who needs to farm, steal as many kills as possible. This also means being very aware of your attack damage and creep health. I will talk more about Psychozen and farming later, but it all starts here and last hitting.
  • Psychozen is not the best ganker - you have a good snare and silence, and decent overall damage potential, but it's not great. Combine that with semi slow move speed, and you have a recipe for frustratingly close but ultimately unsuccessful ganks. However, if someone is ganking your lane, often times I find it works out much better. Heroes that gank well (Tatiana or Ukkonen) often only need one or two seconds to unleash all their damage. Well, you see them incoming, so you throw your Q at the enemy. As your ally arrives, hit the enemy with W to silence them and make sure they can't get away. Then help finish them off with E, and celebrate over a dead body.

Mid GameEdit

Psychozen has a lot of potential to shine here. By the mid game (starting at minute 10-12 and level 10-14), you should be able to run around and stay on the map at all times. This is where you break your opponents' minds. You have Arcanist and its upgrade and Bear Skin upgraded once along with Torpid's Wand. That means that every 4.8 seconds you have a 336 health heal to you and an ally, along with 9 health regeneration and 8 mana regeneration. You are pretty much unstoppable. If you can leave your lane, do it. If you can pick up either buff, do it. Having extra movement speed or extra regeneration will just make you ridiculous. Because of your regeneration, in the time it takes you to move from one lane to another, you are already back nearly at full health and mana. And you'll be back at full health with one use of your E. It is hard to give specific tips for this phase, but pretty much wreak havoc. Just do as much as you can to help allies and slow down the enemies. I'll try to write down some specific notes for an update.

End GameEdit

By now, the other team should hate you. Unless you have someone who is playing really well on your team, you will probably be the first target of the other team. The crazy thing is, if you did well mid game and have a couple of your defensive upgrades, the enemy team won't kill you. They will open with everything they've got, and you'll heal yourself and go invisible. Their cooldowns are gone, your team is beating on them, and then you pop back out and help finish them off. And if you initiating the team fight, you do like I said before. Go invisible so you can land your Telepathic Blight for maximum effectiveness and just spam your abilities. If you're able to get to 40% cooldown reduction, he's what your cooldowns will be:

  • Q: 9 - 3.6 = 5.4 seconds
  • W: 9 - 3.6 = 5.4 seconds
  • E: 6 - 2.4 = 3.6 seconds
  • R: 80 - 32 = 48 seconds
  • D: 300 - 120 = 180 seconds

That's right. You will be able to keep one enemy silenced for all but .6 seconds. You will be doing 672 worth of healing to your own team ONCE EVERY 3.6 SECONDS! That is comparable to other healers like Aislynn and Ichorr, except you'll be doing it along with dealing some serious damage (93.33 DPS, to be exact). Like the mid game, you want to cause as much havoc as possible. Almost all of the time, you'll be better served fighting with your team and helping them win team fights. However, if your team can survive moderately well without you, Psychozen can push a lane very well. Your E will heal creeps as well, so you can keep a creep wave alive while killing an enemy creep wave very quickly. Then you get to a tower, pop your ultimate, and just watch it fall. Be careful when doing this, though, because you do lose a great escape mechanism if you use your ultimate to kill a tower. Sometimes, though, killing a tower can be worth your death (especially if you have Orchid Stone upgraded twice - kill a tower, die, and your ultimate is already back up!). One last note - because of Psychozen's really low cooldowns and high cooldown reduction, I never have a problem using any skill at any time, including the ultimate. That does not apply to the signature, though. You want to use that only when you know it's going to make a difference. It's not worth the 3 minute cooldown to kill one enemy or save one ally. It's not even worth saving yourself. Now, this is only a caution. Use it when you need to use it. Try to coordinate with your allies, but also try to make a precedent early in the game - show them that you know what you are doing, so when you go in to attack, they follow. This way, when the game is near the end, when you dive into the enemy team to let off your signature, your allies are just a half second behind you ready to destroy them all.

Farming with PsychozenEdit

Coming soon!

Quick Reference GuideEdit

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Wrap UpEdit

If you go with the build I posted above, you'll have nearly 3500 health and 1600 mana, along with your 18 or so health regeneration and 12 mana regeneration. You'll also have 20.5 armor penetration, so you'll be doing a good portion, if not all, of your damage. Pretty much, Psychozen does what he wants, and he does it well. I feel like someone once said to Psychozen, "You are a jack of all trades, master of none." Psychozen looked at that person, laughed, and said "I'm the Master of All." Right before he melted that guy's brain, of course.