Immortal Builds


Aislynn Builds

MedL's Aislynn Build

Azcadelia Builds

Balak Builds

Ichorr Builds

All-round tree by dron13

Kaos Builds

Karapyss Builds

"How to overcrab an enemy" by dron13

The crab has Spoken by Krib

Kavashiir Builds

Kreed Builds

Tank Kreed-A Guide by MistAssassin

Kyrie Builds

Lazarus Builds

Netheurgist Builds

Labcat's Netheurgist Build

OMGiTsSeb's Tank Netheurgist Build

Nysuss Builds

Tony's Nysuss Build

Psychozen Builds

Footballisgod's Psychozen Build

Pycon Builds

Scorpix builds

Da Scorpix Guide by Grotesque1

Shard Builds

"Solid as a crystal" Shard Guide by OMGiTsSeb

Talia Builds

Aguamentie's Talia Build

Trovoc Builds

Miro2266 Trovoc Guide

Bobmom's Trovoc Build

Ukkonen Builds

Dron's Ukkonen Build

Vezin Builds

Tatiana Builds