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Support Tank

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True Damage

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On a distant world far from Graxia, the tides of war violently surged across the lands -- no kingdom or tribe was spared from Pycon's savage conquest. While all other peoples were forced to submit to the savage king's rule, the sun-worshiping Tau'khan proved formitable in their resistance. For ten years the two great kingdoms were locked in brutal conflict as Pycon's legions were unable to breach the dense jungles of the Tau'khan homland, and the lion warriors could only pick away at the seemingly limitless hord one ambush at a time. Both sides weary and spent, a stalemate was agreed to, leading to years of uneasy peace between them.

Determined to maintain his people's sovereignty, the Tau'khan's high priest, the mighty Kavashiir, locked himself away in seclusion to pray to their solar deity to guidance. On the seventh day of Kavashiir's meditation, he was visited by a vison of an epic tournament waging on the distant world called Graxia. Divine whispers made promises of immortality and power enough to see his people forever free from the threat of war and conquest, but warned that Kavashiir could not step through the portal alone. He must convince the equally worthy Pycon to join him in the great contest.

Armed with this prophecy, Kavashiir returned to the great temple and shared his vision with the rest of his order. The wise and cautious Tau'khan were skeptical at first, but when Kavashiir opened the portal and its blinding rays were cast as the noonday sun against the darkness of night, the priests were convinced and a plan to lure Pycon into the tournament was cleverly hatched.

With his enemy-turned-brother-in-arms at his side, Kavashiir walked boldly through the portal, fiercely determined to secure victory not for Graxia, not for himself, but for his people.


Kavashiir ability icon piercing-ray 100x Fires a beam of sunlight at the enemy, dealing true damage. The target is also Sun Pierced; the next weapon attack within a few seconds on that target from any champion will cause an additional true damage to the target.
Piercing Ray
Kavashiir ability icon auroral-shield 100x Creates a shield of sunlight around the target, increasing the target's armor and magic resistance by a couple of points, and cleansing all debuff and DoT effects and blocks them from being reapplied. If another debuff or DoT effect is cast on the target while the shield is active, it will be blocked and the shield will dissipate, healing all nearby allies with several units for a few health
Aura Shield
Kavashiir ability icon soul-eclipse 100x The target enemy immortal's movement speed is reduced by several percentage for a couple of seconds. In addition, the ability attempts to purge all positive effects from the target; if an effect is removed in this way, the target is also stunned for a fraction of a second.
Soul Eclipse
Kavashiir ability icon light-of-judgment 100x Marks an enemy immortal; while marked, the enemy cannot become stealthed or invisible. Their movement speed is slowed by several percent and all incoming damage is increased by a few more. The bonus damage is applied as true damage, regardless of the damage type of the source. Each time several points of damage is done to the target or the target dies, it explodes causing almost as much true damage to all nearby enemies (this effect can happen multiple times).
Light of Judgement
Kavashiir ability icon empyreal-ascension 100x Signature Ability
  • Changes the priests weapon attacks to melee attacks, instantly restores 100% of the casters health and applies Empyreal Ascension and Coronal Aura buffs on the caster. Lasts several seconds or until the sun priest gets a kill or assist.
  • Empyreal Ascension renders the priest invulnerable but consumes a few percentage of max health every second while blocking all healing effects (including native regen, potions, and lifesteal effects). Increases attack damage by several points and movement speedy by several percentage.
  • Immolation Aura deals several True Damage to nearby enemies.
Empyreal Ascension


  • He is the first Immortal to not have a purchasable alternate skin when he was released.
  • Kavashiir's skins are a reference to the genus Panthera: Lion (Panthera leo), Tiger (Panthera tigris), Jaguar (Panthera onca). The only member of the genus Panthera that isn't in the name of his skins is the leopard but the name of the genus is used instead. Nevertheless, a jaguar or leopard with completely black fur is known as a black panther and actually not belonging to a different species.


Rise of Immortals - Kavashiir Spotlight

Rise of Immortals - Kavashiir Spotlight