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Once, dragons roamed across all of Graxia, free to soar wherever their wings could carry them. But with the arrival of the Elves, and their thirst for dragon blood, everything changed. The dragons were relentlessly hunted and slain, their discarded carcasses left to rot.

A century after the last dragon was seen flying in Graxia's skies, Trovoc hatched from a lone surviving egg, hidden deep in the mountains. When Trovoc learned of the genocide of his species, he began a roaring rampage of revenge against the elven kingdoms. The brash young dragon was overwhelmed by the skilled elves and had it not been for the intervention of a mysterious, painted warrior woman, Trovoc would have joined his brethren in extinction.

The warrior nursed Trovoc back to health and begged him to abandon his quest for revenge, but Trovoc would not relinquish his thirst for justice. Determined to keep the dragon alive, the warrior offered him an alternative: join the tournament and as the last of his kind, see all of Graxia saved from total annihilation. Then, as Graxia's savior, he could use the power of the crystals to forge a world where his kin could be reborn and flourish alongside all of Graxia's races.

Trovoc eventually joined the warrior in the tournament, vowing to slay the last Immortal to stand against him and usher in a new era for the dragons in a world where his brethren will live without fear.


Trovoc ability icon wing-gust Trovoc leaps into the air and generates a large gust of wind by flapping his powerful wings. All units in front of Trovoc are pushed back in the direction of the gust and suffer physical damage.
Wing Gust
Trovoc ability icon crippling-fire Trovoc breaths a cone of crippling fire in front of him, burning enemies with physical damage per half-second as long as they remain in the area. In addition, the fire burns through enemy armor (and magic resistance in later levels) with this debuff stacking up to 5 times
Crippling Fire
Trovoc ability icon baneful-bite Trovoc inflicts a deep baneful bite, dealing physical damage and silencing the target for a few seconds.
Baneful Bite
Trovoc ability icon dragon-totem Trovoc creates a dragon fear totem at the targeted location. Any enemy that approaches the totem during its lifespan will be pushed back and become Enfeebled, which disables their auto-attacks for a few seconds. This effect is reapplied each time a foe enters the area of effect. The totem lasts a few seconds.
Dragon Totem
Trovoc ability icon divine-intervention Signature Ability. Trovoc is innervated with divine energy: his body grows in size and his skin reflects incoming damage from any source back at the attacker (the reflected damage is the same type as the incoming damage). In addition, Trovoc and nearby allies are cleansed of all debuffs, gain increased damage, heal a moderate amount of health per second, and regenerate a portion of their maximum mana every second for the duration.
Divine Intervention


  • RoI’s Lead Producer and Senior Programmer, Steve Wetherill is the only developer to have an immortal named after his online pseudonym, Trovoc. He also worked on Westwood games like the Command and Conquer series.
  • He is the first Immortal released after the Gold Release.
  • Trovoc's signature, Divine Intervention, is also a title of a track from another Petroglyph game, Universe at War. It's composed by Frank Klepacki.
  • Plush Trovoc resembles several characters such as Barney, Spyro the Dragon, and Spike of MLP: Friendship is Magic.
  • Trovoc's Malevolent skin is a reference to Maleficent's dragon form from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
  • The 'mysterious person' who saved Trovoc from elves was (obviously) Aislynn.


Rise of Immortals - Trovoc Spotlight

Rise of Immortals - Trovoc Spotlight