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Little is known of the ferocious she-demon known as Nysuss, other than she is a demigoddess and came to Graxia from an unknown hell-plane. Many suspect that she's the Destroyer of Worlds and has come to Graxia to oversee its final destruction.

What is known is that Nysuss was summoned by a secret clan of mages. They once belonged to the Sunspire Clan, but when they dabbled in the forbidden arts, they were exiled and forced to live at the bottom of the Eternal Pool.

The summoning of Immortals gave them an opportunity to reassert themselves in the world and exact their revenge. All they care about is path of death and destruction that Nysuss will sow across Graxia.


Nysuss Gaze Of Destruction Nysuss movement speed is increased slightly as she hurls a fireball at her enemy, dealing magic damage and afflicting the target with Destructive Flame which reduces their armor and movement speed for several seconds.
Fire of Destruction
Nysuss Hellfire Arrow Deals progressively more attack damage for several consecutive attacks against a single target. Switching Targets resets the ability to its starting damage value. If the target is affected by Destructive Flame, each attack will also slightly reduce movement speed.
Hellfire Arrow
Nysuss Soul Steal Active/Passive Ability
  • Passive: Gains 1 Soul Charge per enemy killed with each charge increasing Nysuss’ attack damage slightly. Can only store a limited amount of charges at one time.
  • Active: Creates a Soul Shield that absorbs a limited amount of damage with additional damage absorbed per charge carried. The shield lasts a few seconds.
Soul Steal
Nysuss Wrath OfThe Fallen Fires a deadly bolt at an enemy immortal, dealing significant damage plus additional damage per Soul Charge.
Wrath of the Fallen
Nysuss Dance Of Carnage Signature Ability. Nysuss becomes a killing machine; she gains significant increases to movement speed, attack damage, life steal, and massive armor and magic resist penetration. Lasts a few seconds.
Dance of Carnage

Champion Tree

Nyssus Champion Tree


  • One of the Original Six
  • Nyssus seems to be inspired by Hindu mythology in her design.
    • She resembles a Nagini, a female Naga.
    • It has been mentioned in her lore that she is the Destroyer of Worlds and it may have been inspired by the quote "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds", Verse 32 from Chapter 11 of the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita.
    • The icon for Dance of Carnage resembles the depictions of Nataraja.
  • Diamondback Nysuss is modeled after Desperada Cassiopeia from League of Legends.
  • Alien Nysuss is based on the Na'vi from James Cameron's Avatar.


Rise of Immortals - Nysuss Spotlight

Rise of Immortals - Nysuss Spotlight