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Story Edit

The beast now known as Scorpix was once the emperor to a kingdom and people long lost to the shadows of time. A benevolent ruler, the emperor was betrayed by his brother and left to die in the vast wastelands of the Great Desert. For long weeks the emperor struggled across the hellish landscape, searching for any respite from the blistering heat. Just as it looked like death would claim him, the emperor stumbled across a serene oasis. As he quenched his thirst with its cool water, he was approached by a mysterious, beautiful sorceress who offered him sanctuary and eternal bliss; all she asked in return was that he spend the rest of his days with her. He agreed.

Years passed, and with each change of the season, he became more determined to slay his treacherous brother and reclaim his stolen kingdom. And so one cool, moon-less night, he stole away. The sorceress, enraged by the emperor’s betrayal, cursed him so that from moment forward he would be nothing more than a savage, monstrous servant to chaos and vengeance. Thus the creature known as Scorpix was born. In the end, the emperor succeeded in exacting his revenge against his brother. But in his bloodlust, Scorpix not only killed his brother, but also wiped his entire civilization off the face of the earth in one blood-crazed afternoon. Scorpix has little conscious thought. He’s driven by primal emotions, and sees everyone as his enemy. He lives to kill.

Abilities Edit

ScorpixBroodlingDefenders Scorpix summons broodling warriors to aid him in battle. Broodlings will default to Scorpix's target when not directly commanded. Lasts several seconds.
Broodling Defenders
ScorpixVenomousSting Scorpix lashes out with his stinger, inflicting his target with Coursing Venom for several seconds.
Venomous Sting
ScorpixHardenedCarapace Passive/Active Ability
  • Passive: Increases health regeneration. Regeneration halted during activation cool down.
  • Active: Damages all enemies near Scorpix with a blast of physical damage and adds a charge to the ability. Each use drains Scorpix of health and additional health per each charge. Charges fade over time.
ScorpixCorrosiveCarapace Scorpix unleashes a torrent of deadly venom, corrupting the ground where he stands for a few seconds. Enemies who enter the area of effect will suffer physical damage. This damage scales when the enemy lingers in the area of effect.
Infectious Torrent
ScorpixInfectiousTorrent Signature Ability. While active, you become incredibly resilient against damage of all kinds and anyone that hits you will be infected with deadly venom that slows and damages them for period of time.
Corrosive Carapace

Champion Tree Edit

Scorpix Champion Tree

Trivia Edit

  • One of the Original Six
  • Scorpix is most likely to have been inspired by the portrayal of the Scorpion King in the The Mummy series and its spin-off The Scorpion King.
  • Scorpix has two dance animations with Roboscorpix having a different one from the others.
  • He was once accidentally renamed as Pycon in a patch prior to the announcement of the Immortal Pycon.
  • Scorpix voiced his story in his spotlight, while the rest was done normally by someone else. This change was most likely brought on by the community's response to Ukkonen 's voice during the previous spotlight.
  • Exploskeleton replaced a skill called Hardened Carapace.
  • Infectious Torrent used to be Scorpix's ultimate while Corrosive Carapace used to be his signature.
  • Robo-scorpix broodlings were not originally metalic. This feature was added later.
  • His mask resembles Shao Kahn's from Mortal Kombat.

Spotlight Edit

Rise of Immortals - Scorpix Spotlight

Rise of Immortals - Scorpix Spotlight