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AoE Tank

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Story Edit

Within the deepest chamber of the deepest cave of Graxia, the faithful gathered. Their faces hidden in shadows cast by cloak and cowl, the collective closed the circle around the great crystal, shimmering and iridescent against the molten glow of Graxia’s core. The collective sang with one voice, the arcane chant awakening the ancient power still clinging to the stony depths. Great and small, the crystals of Graxia rang out in harmonious accord, illuminating the caverns with the last whispers of their once immense power.

The great crystal stirred. A spark of light flickered on its polished surface. Then another, and another, until the great crystal shone so bright that the gathered faithful were forced to turn away. A thundering clash roared through the chamber and all went dark once again.

Slowly, hesitantly, the collective turned back to find that the great crystal had been destroyed. In its place stood a mighty figure, strong and proud, the yellow glow of the molten earth shimmering against her skin and armaments.

“I am Shard, your queen, and you will bow before us,” she commanded.

Together, the faithful fell to their knees and dropped their heads to the ground. Their champion had finally come.

Shard stepped from the shattered remains of her cradle to stand among her zealots and acolytes. “Soon, this world will be purged of all its impurities until we alone remain.”

Abilities Edit

ROI Ability Icon Splintering Rush Imbues Shard with attack damage and a significant boost in movement speed for several seconds.

The bonus movement speed is decreased by a few points per weapon attack, and the bonus attack damage decreases by a few more per several units moved.

Splintering Rush
ROI Ability Icon Stalagmite Smash Shard slams the ground at her current location, stunning nearby enemies for a second while knocking them airborn and dealing physical damage. Affected enemies will also be stunned for a fraction of a second after crashing back down
Stalagmite Smash
ROI Ability Icon Refraction 1 Shard energizes her crystal hide, adding charges that absorb damage before being consumed. After a few seconds delay, Shard can re-activate the ability to deal physical damage per remaining charge to surrounding enemies, putting the ability on cooldown. Lasts a few seconds.
ROI Ability Icon Stalactite Storm Shard pulls upon the very heavens and summons a massive Stalactite Strike dealing tons of physical damage to all nearby enemies. If the target is an enemy immortal, the stalactite will deal several percentage of splash damage to surrounding enemies.
Stalactite Storm
ROI Ability Icon Crystal Backslash Signature Ability. Transforms all nearby enemies into crystal, stunning them for a couple of seconds and afflicting them with Crystal Backlash. Crystal Backlash may instantly slay an enemy.
Crystal Backlash

Trivia Edit

  • Shard is the goddess of the lane creeps: the Crystal Acolytes, Berserkers, and Titans.
  • Like Aislynn, she is also voiced by the lead game designer Amanda Flock.

Skins Edit

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Spotlight Edit

Rise of Immortals - Shard Spotlight

Rise of Immortals - Shard Spotlight