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The daughter of the famed vampire lord Dracul, Talia was groomed from an early age to one day replace her father and assume the mantle of power. But Talia had no interest in spending the eternity of her life slinking through dark corridors, hiding from the world. She wanted to experience what Graxia had to offer, and shortly before the Rite of Ascension that would have placed her at her father's right hand, Talia fled.

Decades passed and Talia spent every moment soaking in the wonders of Graxia. However, with the collapse of Easterlands, she decided to return home. What she found was her father's kingdom in ruins, and his fortress under assault. Believing that power crystal called the Crimson Stone was buried beneath Dracul's throne, several races had banded together and launched an all-out assault.

During the fighting, Talia's father was mortally wounded and Talia assumed her rightful place of power. She fights to protect her people and to honor the memories of the lives lost during the assault on against her kingdom.


Talia ability vampiric lust 125x Talia can switch between offense and defensive modes. In Defense mode, Talias weapon attack speed and damage are reduced, but each attack she performs heals her. In offensive mode, her weapon attack speed and damage are increased, but each attack costs her health.
Vampiric Lust
Talia ability tendon shredder 125x Increases Talia’s attack speed and armor penetration for the duration. In addition, the first weapon attack made after activation will temporarily immobilize Talia’s target.
Tendon Shredder
Talia ability shadow step 125x Talia commands her shadow to mark a target. If the target is an ally, ally gains additional armor. If the target is an enemy, the mark will cause considerable armor reduction to that enemy. Should Talia choose to, she can teleport to the target during the duration of the mark, although this action will cost her health.
Shadow Step
Talia ability succubus lure 125x Using her charms, Talia will pull her target to her location. While Talia has the enemy enthralled, the enemy will not be able to use any of their abilities, move or attack. This ability will also heal Talia in the process.
Succubus Lure
Talia ability crimson mist 125x Signature Ability. Talia imbues nearby allies with her vampiric vitality and all incoming damage will heal instead of damage them for 3 seconds.
Crimson Mist


  • Talia’s Bride Skin greatly resembles the Bride from Kill Bill. In turn, the yellow tracksuit worn by the Bride is a reference to Bruce Lee’s costume from the movie The Game of Death.
    Talia Bride skin

    Bride Talia

  • In her background story, Lord Dracul is obviously based on Dracula.
  • Crimson Stone was mentioned in her story. In Castlevania, it is one of the two greatest treasures of the vampires and is also possessed by Dracula.
  • Talia's dance is from Legally Blonde.
  • Talia had her voice actor changed at some point.
  • She was the first Immortal to have a voice acted spotlight


Rise of Immortals - Talia Spotlight

Rise of Immortals - Talia Spotlight